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Happiness is cheap - Smile! Happiness is a choice! Happiness is a decision... and then happiness… https://t.co/HMRCQv7gP6
No matter what, no matter where... we can try as hard we can to push forward, upward and rise… https://t.co/RhoPlR1Fg1
Thanks for a great night Rayven! Congratulations to everyone behind LE COSMIQUE! Such a great… https://t.co/L15cRk3QeA
RT @Oprah: I'm so proud!👏🏽👏🏽congratulaaaations! @Ava #13th https://t.co/5O69zcF9vj
RT @HistoryInPix: In 1951, Marilyn Monroe's film studio wanted to prove that she would look good even in a Potato Sack Dress. https://t.co/…