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For those asking if they can still be an actor in their 20's, 30's or 40's, here's the… https://t.co/VfebnXdA72
TEEN YEARS is often the time when careers are built, on the rise or at it's peak for ACTORS,… https://t.co/pf0xEH5wnA
When in doubt... Never let the opinions of others become the measure of your self worth.… https://t.co/l0z2NKMnOd
Oh my... I'm this short!!! Kalerks!!! Ha ha ha...! I'm standing beside our handsome assistant… https://t.co/d8eBBUSfvl
The unknown used to be really scary, just that fear of "what's next? What if I'm not prepared? I… https://t.co/YMTFeRe9I5